Berlin Gastro Kitchen and Pool Bar is one of Bali’s most celebrated restaurant. The re-imagination of BERLIN has welcomed a gastro space reflective of Gerry Nainggolan’s international inspired cuisine. The interplay of taste and lifestyle bring new color and vibrance that embraces the restaurant’s in every detail has been thoughtfully considered.
A new era for Berlin Gastro Kitchen and Pool Bar gives an opportunity to fulfill even greater aspirations in delivering a most personal and immersive dining experience; open every day from 10am ’till midnight.

Berlin Gastro Kitchen & Pool Bar is a stylish day-to-night casual-to-luxurious dining venue, think Jimbaran comes to Denpasar. Bringing love of good food and stylish interiors to the tranquil suburb of Bali. A favorite catch-up spot for the surrounding society, community and wandering tourists. Berlin Gastro Kitchen & Pool Bar focused on taste, quality ingredients and easy day-to-night options.

About Gerry Nainggolan